character study: vince aka male!vy
format: dialogue



you look great as ever.


i mean it!

hey don’t punch me like that!

it hurts! ahaha!

what. just cause you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t have some punch in you.

ack. aight i got it.

but i did mean what i said earlier.

that you look great. or well cute.

what do you mean my words have no meaning?

just cause i say it everyday?

it’s true! you’re cute.

really really cute.

ahah, look at me saying that.

but you do you want to know why?

why i verbalize those words so easy?

say it so much more to you than to the others?

it’s cause i want to be the first, the second, the third, the fourth…guy to tell you how you are.

i don’t want any other boy to beat me.

i don’t want their words to be stuck in your mind.

i want only my words to affect you.




wow these words are so much harder to convey.

but i suppose, i just should wing it huh?

it’s cause i like you, duh.

  1. holyleonheart said: ohmyyy.. s-so cuteee x33 I can just hug you forever! -cuddles-
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