so i decided to take a sporadic trip to LA today with my high school friend and ffff. it was chaotic. confusing. i got us lost. but fun. ahahahaha. we went to koreatown first and went to their plaza and oh god. it was like. every staircase you went up it was gradually more and more expensive until you’re just like “okay….i give up” and you got wander around the first floor. thats were i saw it. JYJ 2012’s calendar. i know. it’s march. i’m way too late for one but it was ugh. gorgeous i swear, i haven’t felt this fuzzy warm feeling from simple a picture of three irl guys smiling like idiots and LOOKING THAT GOOD IN CASUAL CLOTHES IN FOREVER crying. besides y’know. dongwoon. but afterwards we went to eat for a bit, TRIED to eat black bean noodles meant for two people. fails so badly. i ate like what, 1/3? OTL my friend had to help me. ahaha. anyways we then drove down to chinatown where i got some steamed buns for my mom and visited a relative to say hi. then suddenly we decided to go to j-town and ahaha well the little village plaza, i decided to get my mom her birthday present which was a tea set. i honestly don’t know how she’ll react to it cause she’s the type of person who prefers really practical gifts cause it’s useful for everyone but i know secretly deep down she loves cute things, i just hope she really likes it when i give it. afterwards we wandered a bit tried on some clothes. cried at prices. then headed to four leaf for a crepe and some tea. but lol the crepe got destroyed because we didn’t know how to eat it properly crying. ahaha. it was just really nice to hang out after a long time. especially since i haven’t seen her in a long while since my friend was studying up in nor-cal. and it just really…made me feel like we never were away at all. aahaha. we got a bit crazy in the car too LOL listening to bubble pop. OOOO AHHHH MMMM AHH MMM AHHHHH idek AHAHA. RAMBLEEEEE /ends.

oh and best friend’s boyfriend. I KNOW YOU’RE FOLLOWING ME. I FOUND YOU IN MY LIST. I SEEE YOUUUUUUUU. that’s all i have to say. ahahaha.

Posted: March 24, 2012 (2 years ago)
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